It's already dead-cold here in Paris. Well at least I feel so!!! Brrr....

Nothing is more nourishing than a simple vegetable soup when the weather is like this.


Today's soup (I make almost everyday "le soup de jour....") is beet soup. 


My mother-in-law, a great cook, made me once her beet soup and I was astonished by the rich taste. 

But it contains just  beet root, water and salt!

She put fennel sheed and fresh cream on the top. It was such a great match too.


But my version is a bit more Japanese.

Add a bit of ginger in the soup.

And use soja cream mixed with white miso. 

White miso is a kind of miso which has more clear color and sweeter taste. You can easily find it in BIO store today.

(I don't recommend you to buy miso at Chinese or Japanese supermarket. Very often, unless they are not expensive, these misos are fake misos. They use soya beans with very bad quality and don't go through the real fermatation procedure)

This sweet miso-soy cream really goes well with this soup.


Ginger and miso are considered as the ingredients which warm up the body from inside.

I am sure it will warm you up too :)


Beet Soup (for two prs)


2 cups of water

200g of BIO cooked beet 

1/2 table spoon of ginger juice (grate and squeeze to get the juice)



2 tables spoons of soya cream

1 and 1/2 coffee spoon of white miso

--- mix them well

Black pepper


Put the water and beet in a pot.

Mix them with hand blender until it gets smooth texture.

Bring it to a boil then add salt and ginger juice.

Turn off the heat.


Add the miso-soy cream and freshly grounded black pepper.


Bon appétit!

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