Korokke --- Japanese style potato croquette!

served with coleslaw and Chinese tomato salad.




It's Japanese super basic daily dish that children love.

Cheap, takes a bit of time but easy and above all, it's soooooooo good!

My recette comes from my grandma. I remember her deep -frying bunch of korokkes (I am sure she made more than 40ps each time) and we, three of her grand children could not resist the smell and waited just next to her in the kitchen untill the korokkes to be out of the pan.

Grandma rapped the hot, still steaming korrokkes with old newspaper and handed to us.
We finished them in a second and screamed "Grandma! more! more!"

I follow my grandma's recipe --- potatos, sautéd ground porc, minced onion and little bit of nutmeg powder.
But I also love adding a bit of pumpkin to get sweet and moist texture.


2 medium potatoes

1/6 small pumpkin
1  onion chopped
200g of ground porc

salt, pepper, nutmeg powder


1 beaten egg


panko (Japasese bread crubs)


How to make:

-Boil potatoes and pumpkin until it gets tender. Drain and peel potatoes, then mash.

-Heat tablespoon of oil in large pan and saute onions until it becomes clear. Add pork and cook until browned. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Remove from heat and add to mashed potatoes.  Let cool.

-Divide potato+pumpkin mixture into 8 portions. Pat each portion into an oval.

-Beat the egg  in a shallow bowl Spread flour and panko(bread crumbs) onto separate plates. Dredged the ovals in flour, shaking off any excess – then dip into egg, and roll in the panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) to coat evenly.

-Heat vegetable oil to 170℃ in a deep pan (2cm of profounder is enough). Add the breaded ovals and cook until golden brown. Remove and drain.

-Eat with tonkatsu sauce. I love eating also with home-made tartar sauce (onion, mayo, boiled egg, soy milk, salt, pepper and lemon juice) !!!


And KOROKKE BENTO for yesterday.




Cole slaw salad with red onion, bio carrot, Japanese cabbage and raisin
Bio potato and pumpkin croquette
Cherry tomato with eggplant paste
String beans with home made sesame mayo
Fried eggplant and sweet sesame miso on the top
Japanese style omelet with Japanese chives
Chicken and lotus root rice

Every week, there is an obento day. You cann order from 5 bento boxes. (Normally minimum is 10 boxes)

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Also cooking class is available (where you can learn how to make korokke!)

I will update more info soon.


Bon appétit!

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