They look like Japanese rolled sushi (MAKI) but they are not!

They are called Kimbap, popular snack among Korean people, if I remember correctly the story behind, it was delivered from Japanese rolled sushi but it's different from ours in some ways; 

In Japanese MAKI sushi, we use quite large amount of vinegar and sugar tseason the rice. In kimbap, they add sesame oil and salt. Also as MAKI sushi contains very often raw fish, kimbap is prepared with sauteed beef, ham or marinated vegitables etc. Unlike MAKI, kimbap is eaten as it is, not with soy-sauce or wasabi or picled ginger.

What I like about kimbap is the mix of all the rich ingredients. Normally they use at least 4-5 ingredients inside. Only by itself it is a complete meal. Sweet omelette and soy sauce based marinated grilled beef, picked spicy Chinese cabbage and spinach salad and pickled carrot etc etc.....Korean people are so good at this mixture of different tastes using the rice as a device. 

And Kimbap is also a family food. So you can actually put anything you want(or anything that rests in your fridge).

My Kimbaps this time were:

RGIHT: Beef marinated in Korean spicy miso, soy sauce, garlic and sesameoil  and grilled/marinated carrot with rice vinegar/ boiled spinach seasoned with sesame oil and salt/ thin sweet omelette

LEFT: Salted boiled pork/ lettuce/ thinly cut leek/ marinated carrot/ Korean spicy sauce

Served with home made Chinese cabbage pickles




Bon appétit!

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