120 onigiri boxes in our kitchen was totally amazing scene!



For a musical event,  our client wanted a little bit nicer treat for the invités.

So I and my friend Fumi, this time my collaborator who brought this project, came up with the idea of doing little colorful onigiris  in a box with some bio veggies which go with Asahi beer! Onigiri rice ball is our daily life finger food like sandwich. You can put practically anything you want. 

Our 4special  onigiris are:                  

Eggplant and miso paste
Hashed pork with ginger
Yukari(Dried Japanese basil)
Green peas rice covered with Prosciutto

And some veggies.... :

Bio carrot and radish pickled with combu
String beans salad with sesame cream

Bon appetit!

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