Little note for the preparation of food which I draw everytime.


Illustrating the dishes helps me to visualize the harmony of  taste (sweet, spicy, cold, hot, heavy, light...) and also helps to think about the procedure to make these dishes. How long it would take, what to buy by when....

Also I often look at these notes that I did before when I don't come up with the idea for new dishes. I recommend you to make one too. That really helps!







Steamed lotus root, celery and yellow pepper with tofu-hummus

Deep fried seafood and pork wong tong

Boiled egg plant and tofu with dried shrimp sauce

Ethnic rice with bean sprouts served with salt-marinated pork, coriander, leek, sesame, and pickled onion and basil

Noriko's fried chicken (honey, garlic and soy-sauce)

Crispy sardine salad with home-made sesame mayonnaise




Bon appétit!



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