For their press day. 

Two days in a row. 12 journalists at the table for lunch. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite boutiques in Paris. I am so happy to have had this occasion to work for them. 

Merci merci :)))



Clock-wise (from the right on the top)

*Tofu with two sauce

-dried bonite and ginger

-marinated BIO tomato in soy sauce and ginger


*Sweet omelette with scallion 

*Roquette salad with leak and sautéd eringi mushroom

*Fried chicken with sour leak and black sesame sauce

*Bio sweet potato and red onion salad

*Lotus root and carotte KINPIRA


*Korean roll with omelette, ciboulette and sautéd beef with ginger. Spicy miso sauce


*Two onigiri

-Yukari red Japanese basil powder and bonite powder

-Edamame and marinated ginger


*Sautéd string beans and hached pork with fish sauce and chili


*Deep fried and marinated eggplant in dashi soup. White miso sauce on the top.

 Little bit of everything Japanese savor bento. 


Bon appétit et bon week-end!





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