On the 11th and 14th of May, there is going to be L'atelier de Obento by me in POP-UP shop of BLACK BLOCK


in the gallery L'IMPRIMERIE


You will make your own obento in a bamboo basket with your creation of onigiris (rice balls). 





I will show you how to make onigiris ( so easy and you can go really wild with your creativity!!! )

and I will prepare some yummy Japanese style salad and maybe some soup to taste the onigiris with....


You will be able to bring the bamboo basket wrapped by a Froshiki so that you can do your creative onigiri bento for your next picnic!!!!!

Please ask further information or book a place (it's quite limited!) by sending a message to  Juliette:



Hope to see you there:)


Alors, bon appétit!



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