Summer has come! Well almost.

Sweet corn is one of my favorite summer vegetables. 

In Japan, in my childhood memory, my grandma steamed the corns that her neighbors gave her from their field. So sweet and fresh that just a pinch of salt was enough. Or baking them (on the cob) with brush of soy sauce was also one of my favorites. 

Here in Paris, it is a bit hard to get such a fresh corn, so I prefer cookin it in a bit more complicated way. 


Sweet corn and new potato salad


Cook a ear corn on the cob (it is really better to use the fresh one than a canned one!) in the boiling water for about 7 min.

Scrape the corn kernels from the ear of corn by using a sharp kitchen knife

You can cook the corn and new potatos (washed but keep the skin!) together. But be careful for the timing. Normally the potatos would take more time. (Do not cook the potatos for too long. I like when they are still not too soft that you can enjoy the crispy texture of new potato)


Mix olive oil, a table spoon of grated garlic, salt, pepper, white balsamic vinegar (or wine vinegar)and a bit of dijon mustard.

Put the corn and potatos while they are still hot ( so that they absorb the dressing well)

Add chopped fresh basil and ciboulette and serve it with slices of pain de campagne for example.

I love eating this for late breakfast with boiled egg while the salad is still warm. I eat it as it is first, then I mix it with the half-boiled egg yolk. Mmmmmm....:))) 

Or with a glass of white wine when it's nicely chilled for apéritif.


Alors bon appétit!


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