Left on the top : Green lentil salad with mint, red onion, cumin seed and garlic
Right on the top : Bio ratatouille
Middle : Lotus root salad with coriander and sesame
With white wine or cold sake!
You can keep them for few days. I love stocking these little veggies dishes in my fridge and eating them in the morning with bread, or apéritif, or even light meal for mid night. 
Lotus root salad goes really well with any kind of drink. 
Here is the recipe :
Boil lotus root cut into pieces with stem of coriander (do not cook too much to keep the crunchy taste) and pinch of salt.
Drain the water and while still it's hot, add rice vinegar, olive oil, hint of sesame oil or grape seed oil, bit of honey, fish sauce, lime juice, chopped coriander and half grated roast sesame.
Bon appétit!


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