One sad thing about living in Paris is, I can't find  good Sômen, very thin Japanese white noodle, with reasonable price. 


Sômen is  served often cold with dipping sauce.

We often eat during the hot and steamy summer where you hardly have an appetite.

It's light and easy to prepare. I love the soothing and chilling sensation of Sômen noodles go through my throat....

 Basically you can put anything you want  but basic composition is :


1) Sômen---- cooked for 1and half minutes and rinsed in cold water

2) Tsuyu ---- dipping sauce  made of soysauce, mirin, bonito and combu bouillon

3) Yakumi ---- condiments 

4) Gu ---- garnish is often fresh vegetable eaten with noodles


Each family has its own recipe.   And often we believe our own family recipe is the best (I do!). 


In my family :


Dipping sauce Tsuyu (soysauce, mirin, bonito and combu bouillon) is always mixed with stir-fried egg plant with sesame oil.


Yakumi contains Shiso, Ginger and Myoga (Japanese herbe that is rediculously expensive  in Japanese supermarket in paris. Its remarkable aroma is really particular and I do not know how to discribe. But without it, I  am less motivated to  make Sômen)

Gu the garnishes are  very often thin omlette, cucumber (Japanese cucumber is smaller and has crunchy texture and more concentrated taste) 




This time in Japan, I made it every morning! It was a pure pleasure..... 

I already miss it so much. 


You can buy Sômen called IBONOITO. This brand is one of the most well known Sômen brand that you can find in foreign country. I just don't buy it because it's expensive from the original price but it worth trying if you've never tried Sômen.

Also, for tsuyu dipping sauce, home made is of course the best but you can also ask at the store. They must have already prepared one. 

I strongly recommend to add stir-fried eggplant though (trust me it's really really good).


Bon appétit!


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