I admit that meat in France is really good here.

But I do really hope that there will be more restos which are vegetarian-friendly in Paris!!!

Very often they are a bit too expensive for what they serve......


Well, while I am hoping and waiting, here is a home made vegetarian dish.


Gratin with soy milk béchamel is so easy.

And now the summer vegetables like tomatos or sweet corns are really tasty and reasonable in marché!

This dish is light but full of flavor. I am sure a meat-eater will be satisfied too.


For 2-3 prs : 

Sauté 1/2 onion and 1 little clove of garlic (chopped into little pieces) untill it becomes clear and soft

(not untill it becomes brown) in medium heat with 2 spoons of olive oil.

Add 2 spoons of  flour and mix untill the powder covers the pieces of onigon + garlic and absorb the olive oil.
Lower the heat and add soy milk little by little while you mixing continuously and heat untill it gets the consistancy (about 400ml).
Add sel and also some nutmeg powder (j'adore!) or laurier if you want. 
This time  in a baking dish,  
1) Stir-fried rice with garlic and basil (could be just cooked rice mixed with basil, salt and pepper)
2) Sautéd fresh tomato and egg plant
3) Boiled sweet corn, pumpkin and mushroom
4) Soy milk béchamel
15min in the oven (230℃)
You can put anything you have in the refrigerator. But fresh sweet corn is what I love the most for this dish. 
Bon appétit!





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